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Discover the Power of Design With Tinkercad iOS App

Discover the Power of Design With Tinkercad iOS App

Creating and managing 3D design projects can now fit in the palm of your hand. Autodesk's 3D design tool, Tinkercad on iPhone, is a revolutionary mobile application giving both beginners and pros the power to create detailed computer-aided designs on the go.

The Expansive Features of the Tinkercad App

With the Tinkercad iOS app, users can transform mere ideas into viable 3D projects right from their mobile devices. This easy-to-use app is equipped with various design modules to help users create models from basic shapes. It encourages immersive learning through its 'Learn' section, filled with helpful guides and tutorials.

  • To start, select 'Create New Design' from the home screen.
  • Select your desired geometric shape(s) from the 'Shape' menu.
  • Drag, drop, and adjust your selected shapes to fit your vision.
  • Utilize the 'Adjust' feature to manage the position, size, and rotation of your design pieces.
  • For more advanced designs, use the 'Smart Duplicate' or 'Group/Ungroup' tools to manipulate several objects at once.

Becoming a Pro on Tinkercad

Moving your Tinkercad on iOS designs from concept to a final, shareable product is also a straightforward process. Export your creation in various formats such as .stl, .lgx, or .svg, ensuring compatibility with multiple platforms. Whether you’re creating complex prints for a 3D printer or simple models for games, this app is up to the task.

Staying Connected With Your Designs

Perhaps the best feature of Tinkercad is that it allows users to design anytime, anywhere. With Tinkercad on phone, users can access their projects whether they’re waiting for a bus or in the midst of a long flight. This app syncs with your Autodesk account, ensuring that every change you make on your mobile device is reflected on your desktop workstation.

Enhancing Design Efficiency With the Tinkercad App

Mobile design has never been so intuitive. The use of multi-touch gestures on Tinkercad makes navigating your design space a breeze. Pinch to zoom, use a single finger to orbit your view, or utilize two-finger scrolling to easily move within your design environment. The Tinkercad iOS app truly brings the creative power right to your fingertips.

05 Dec 2023