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Explore Tinkercad: New Features on Your Desktop

Explore Tinkercad: New Features on Your Desktop

In the world of 3D models, 3D printing, and CAD designs, Tinkercad has earned recognition. Unlike some other demanding software that requires powerful hardware, running Tinkercad on desktop comes with distinct benefits. Its lightweight requirements mean that you can run it smoothly even on computers with basic specifications.

Tinkercad's Features

Handling Tinkercad on computer provides you with a rich set of functionality features. For example, you can easily design, assemble, and print your 3D models. It also offers a shapes library that you can use as a comprehensive toolset for your designing needs. The models can be grouped or ungrouped and adjusted in terms of size and orientation, giving you total control over your 3D projects.

Interface and User Experience

Part of Tinkercad's appeal lies in its user-friendly interface. When you launch the Tinkercad desktop app, its intuitive dashboard greets you with accessible design tools. These tools allow quick access to its features. The platform also includes origin points for accurate scaling and alignment, as well as a view cube for adjusting the perspective of the workspace seamlessly.

Online vs. Desktop Version

While there are benefits to using an online Tinkercad version, the desktop app version carries unique advantages. It provides more stability in your workflow, reduces loading times for your designs, and offers smoother operation.

Exporting and Importing Designs

  • Exporting designs: With Tinkercad on your desktop, you can export the designs as.STL, .OBJ, .SVG, X3D, .VRML or.DXF files, making it versatile for many uses.
  • Importing designs: Tinkercad allows you to import.STL, .OBJ or.SVG files. You can then modify these designs or combine them with other creations within the software.

Learning and Resources

Tinkercad's simplicity extends to its learning resources. It boasts a number of in-built lessons and community designs, aiding your design progression. Tinkercad challenges also provide a fun and engaging way to enhance your skills.

07 Dec 2023